Stuttgart is best known as the home of automotive legends Mercedes Benz and Porsche, but it’s also a city oozing wealth and prosperity due to its booming regional economy.

With its thriving business, Stuttgart also offers the best in urban entertainment – from world-class art collections, to first-class shopping and a rainbow of mouth-watering restaurants with local and international cuisine on the menus. The perfect place to indulge…

Prefer to take a break somewhere green? No problem! The city is dotted with several parks, ideal for relaxing ‘al fresco’! Leave behind the Mercedes Benz Museum and you’re just a stone’s throw away from the many vineyards which surround the city. Join us for a little walk to the city’s best “Besenwirtschaft”, a unique concept where you can sample the local wine in the comfort of the vineyard owner’s home.

Stuttgart also ranks as one of the world’s cultural and sporting capitals, thanks to the local wealthy industrial sponsors’ deep pockets!