Literally sitting ‘on the top of Europe’ Switzerland will take your breath away with epic mountain peaks, rushing waterfalls and serene meadows bursting with wildflowers. Sparkling emerald lakes fed by the meltwater of mighty glaciers dot Switzerland’s bucolic scenery. Nothing beats zipping your way up on a cable car to glacier- encrusted summits or cutting through narrow glacial ravines in a nostalgic cogwheel train.

Distinctly Deutschland will take you to Switzerland’s gloriously scenic spots and to must-do-before death alpine treasures like the majestic Matterhorn or the insanely romantic Wildkirchli. Experience laid-back historic towns, fashionable Swiss cities boasting world-class museums, and wildly romantic alpine villages that have seen few international visitors before – without skipping the luxuries!

Get ready for a perfectly authentic Switzerland travel experience as you deeply immerse yourself in the Swiss culture with its festivals and quirky traditions, get hands-on making your own velvety chocolate or savor the gastronomic celebration of gooey cheese ready for the dipping!