Soon after the Nazis rose to power in 1933 the beautiful area around Berchtesgaden was turned into the most important Nazi command center outside Berlin when Hitler (who for long owned a house in the area) and many of his top lieutenants built their alpine retreats in the hills above Berchtesgaden. While propaganda makers crafted images of Hitler sporting Lederhosen and receiving flowers from adoring little children, in truth many of the fateful decisions leading to WWII were hatched in Hitler’s Berghof residence.

In one of our most fascinating tours, a special DD history guide will take you 

on a mind-boggling tour of the Obersalzberg compound as you’ll stumble over the rumbles of Hitler’s private home – the ‘Berghof’ – and descend to the underground bunkers where Nazi’s leaders tried to hide from Allied air raids. 

Ultimately you will be rising on a breath-takingly steep hairpin road to the Eagle’s Nest – Hitler’s tea house – daringly perched on a mountain ridge at an elevation of 6,000 feet. While you’ll take in the grandiose vistas you’ll find it impossible to fathom how, in such a gloriously scenic spot, Hitler and his brood could plot such sinister plans.