Riesling is Germany’s undisputed star and ranks as one of the world’s greatest and most versatile grapes. German Rieslings are raved about by critics, loved by sommeliers and lauded by other wine authorities. If you still believe all Rieslings are sweet you should tell your supplier to actually visit Germany…. 

A good wine-maker will marry the Riesling grape’s natural acidity and powerful minerality with its mind-blowing fruity aromas and supple textures and – with patience – will create one of the raciest and zestiest white wines on the planet.

The world’s best Rieslings come from the Mosel River Valley where a connoisseur will happily spend a week sampling the great wines of this area. Then, there’s also the Rhine & Nahe Valley, Alsace in France and the Wachau Wine country in Austria. 

Distinctly Deutschland will work its magic and arrange for private tastings at several of Germany’s most renowned wine makers for you. They, in turn will confide their cherished secrets, and take you into their vaulted cellars to open some of their precious bottles for you…