Back in the year AD 1452, in the historic city of Mainz a versatile merchant and ingenious innovator by the name of Johannes Gutenberg set the world’s first printing press in motion. Ushering in a veritable revolution (often compared to the emergence of the Internet), Gutenberg changed the world of communication. The first book ever printed thanks to this ground-breaking new technology was: The Bible.

Three invaluable copies of the original Gutenberg Bible, shielded by bullet-proof glass in a heavily armored vault, can be admired in the legendary Gutenberg Museum in Mainz set on the very site it all started. What’s more, the museum provides an insightful account of 4,000 years of publishing history and exhibits a number of historic printing machines. 

Children can take on the role of little Gutenbergs when creating their own original prints in the museum’s printing workshop – just like the old master did!