Munich’s legendary Oktoberfest is the world’s largest folk festival celebrating Bavarian traditions and customs especially and above all, the millennium-old Bavarian practice of brewing beer!

In Oktoberfest’s beautifully decorated festive beer-halls locals in traditional costumes mingle with businesspeople and tourists from around the globe. After enjoying a little too much of the world’s best amber nectar, devouring some traditional Bavarian delicacies and dancing on the benches, while swinging arm-in-arm with locals to the tunes of a Bavarian Oompah brass band, you will finally come to understand and appreciate the bombastic atmosphere which attracts so many people to Munich’s Oktoberfest.

Distinctly Deutschland will reserve a private table for our guests – something virtually impossible considering the 7 million visitors flocking to Oktoberfest every year! Fancy the full experience? Traditional costumes are en vogue. For young Bavarians it has become something of a fashion competition to dress up in stylish ‘Dirndls’ and ‘Lederhosen’. If you’d like to try it, we will happily assist you to go local and get dressed up in authentic ‘Lederhosen’ or a beautiful ‘Dirndl’.